Homeowner Notices Crack in Closet Floor — What He Found Underneath Surprised Him

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04-15-2014 09:03 PM

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Hey, did anyone catch this story on the Blaze? Ha!..... Good one

Apr. 14, 2014 7:55am Liz Klimas

A new homeowner claimed he noticed a crack in his closet while moving in over the weekend and decided to do some sleuthing, suspecting some sort of damage that might need repair.

“Certainly seems like someone did a crappy job putting the floor in this closet,” the homeowner wrote on the photo-sharing site imgur, accompanying a photo of the white floorboard.

Using only a flat head screwdriver, the homeowner easily pried up the board, confirming what he thought was a poor construction job, and pulled the board up further to assess what other damage could be underneath.

Instead of seeing rotten subflooring beneath or another homeowner nightmare, he found something unexpected. A circle with a hole cut into it was embedded in the floor.

“What is this? Should I stick my finger in this hole?” the homeowner, going by CraigNoList, wrote.
Finding he was able to lift up the circle, the homeowner revealed the dial for a safe.

“I don’t have the combo and don’t know what’s inside. Must post to Reddit,” he wrote.
On the social news site, CraigNoList wrote that he contacted several locksmiths, only one of which was able to come look at the lock on Monday. No news yet on what could be inside.

CraigNoList did not immediately respond to TheBlaze’s request for more information.

The moral of the story?

As we’ve seen in the past, sometimes it pays to do a little digging behind the walls and beneath the boards of your new home.


But!..... hold up there, Mister!

The next day…...

Story About That Safe Found Under a Homeowner’s Floorboard Takes a Twist

Apr. 15, 2014 9:55am Liz Klimas


A homeowner claiming to have found a hidden safe under the floorboard of his closet has revealed what was inside. But with this revelation, some are saying they smell a rat.

The homeowner, going by the online name CraigNoList, said he had moved into a new home recently and noticed what appeared to be shoddy workmanship in his closet. He used a flat head screwdriver to pry up the floorboard, revealing the safe, which he claimed to have never seen before.

The man, posting images of his find on Imgur and the social news site Reddit Sunday, wrote that he contacted a locksmith and would update his followers when the safe was opened.

On Monday night, the man posted photos of its contents.

It held a dog collar, a set of keys and a small wooden box inside a plastic bag.

“The sides are taped, and the bottom has a name written on it. I took a small gander and it’s somebody’s ashes. I’m not going any further,” CraigNoList wrote on Imgur.

But Redditors did a bit of sleuthing into these items. One Redditor found that CraigNoList had one year ago posted a picture of his dog. The connection? The Redditor observed that the collar on the dog and the one in the safe appear to be the same.

“He found an open empty safe a few days ago, made a post about finding one. Placed some random crap he thought would hit Redditors the best and then went through with a unveiling. Either he was to dumb to realize he had already posted one of the items and is a fraud or out of pure and utter coincidence he stumbled across a locked safe, then out of more coincidence it contained a dog collar with another coincidence of having the same tags as a dog he adopted,” one commenter going by JJRimmer speculated about what could have happened.

CraigNoList appears to have removed his original post on Reddit about the safe, as it says “deleted.”

He never responded to TheBlaze’s request for more information.


Ha!......too funny!

Crazy part is, the real story was just as good! He made a memorial to his beloved dog and buried it in the house!

oh well, no harm. he he


I found a gold coin under a carpet runner one time. Lots of old B&W pictures, newspapers in walls… and half empty bottles of booze…what’s up with that!

Oh,...also found a jar of Indian head pennies and a voodoo doll full of rusty straight pins under a bedroom! ahh!

anyone else find anything cool inside a wall?

-- mark - Grayslake IL.

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04-16-2014 03:02 PM

i once found a bunch of pictures of the guy who we bought the house and the woman next door NOT HIS WIFE after we moved in my wife made sure i didnt have a camera or that we didnt get to know the woman next door . although she was very friendly and gave us some nice melons from her garden a few times . My wife didnt let me fix anything inside her house LOL

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04-17-2014 03:04 AM

Hey Byron,

ewwww! I could never look at that guy or woman again! ahhh! Too funny!

we found a whiskey bottle one time with a black lady on it with big white eyes called, Nappy head Whiskey!

I’ve found a nudies 8mm film in a small canister but didn’t have a camera to look at it, gave it to my lead carpenter.

I’m always fascinated when I find old handwriting inside walls from the original carpenters. Their cursive style was very cool. Kids aren’t even being taught cursive anymore which is kind of sad. if not pathetic.

I always bury stuff in the walls on every job. Big jobs get a silver dollar and I try to get the kids to make a time capsule. They’ll bring me crayon pictures and photographs and really get in to it.

I also save news papers that have significant current events on the front page and bury them too.
Gotta carry on the tradition.

-- mark - Grayslake IL.

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04-17-2014 12:56 PM

Many years ago when I was a maintenance man in Baltimore, the company I worked for was building more apartments. On the property was an old mansion that had been from an era long gone and was slated for demolition. All of the doorknobs, faucets and hardware that were gold and sterling were gone and the only thing that we found was a book – of visitors to a party or event that was in the house from the mid 1800s. It was a whos who of the elite, from the Vice President to some of the wealtiest businessmen of the time. I have no idea what happened to the book.

When the bulldozer came, my boss at the time was there to watch. As soon as the bulldozer hit the building, it didn’t move too much, just kind of shook but something fell in the main lobby or foyer. My boss asked the operator to wait for a second while he investigated, knowing the potential dangers. He went in and found a small leather bag, picked it up and got out of the house. After getting out, he opened it while the operator made short work of the house. Inside the pouch were 10 gold eagles. I guess someone left them in the house in the event that they needed money and forgot about it or died, don’t know. It was almost like the house didn’t want them lost in the rubble.

I did not get any of the find but I did get to see a couple of them, the pouch, and the book.

-- Love woodworking and fixing most anything

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04-19-2014 12:34 AM

The only thing I remember finding in a house is a boa constrictor. Or rather, it found me while I was in the crawlspace. About three feet long. I got out fast. The homeowner was delighted—the snake had been missing for weeks, escaped from the kid’s bedroom.

-- Joe Cottonwood -- 99 Jobs: Blood, Sweat, and Houses

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04-20-2014 11:56 AM

I found an old Wurlitzer style phonograph buried under a stairwell years ago. Let the homeowners know when they got home. They had only owned the house for a few years but claimed they knew it was there. ????
I don’t know how, it was totally enclosed with no access. Oh well, their house so it was rightfully theirs anyway.
Also found some B&W girly mags in an closet wall. One of my guys kept those.
Lots of newspapers, some WWII era cigarette packs, an old 22, and a fair share of glass medicine bottles.
Also some old canning preserves in a crawl space in the old blue Ball jars. Dumped them all out and kept the jars. They are on display in my kitchen.

How many dead critter skeletons have you found in various locations?? I’ve found more than I could count.

-- The difference between a pro and an amateur, an amateur points out his mistakes

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04-20-2014 01:38 PM

I also remember finding several old wooden fishing lures in the attics. I have a few of them hanging in my shop.

I found a little ol ladie’s dead cat skeleton in an attic once. Funny part is, she joked that it might be up there – hadn’t seen it in five years!

I didn’t have the heart to tall her I found it and just got rid of it.

4 ft. Bees nests, raccoon babies, woodpecker nests, dozens of bats, a 10” centipede dropping on my neck, cave crickets, salamanders, roaches, mice by the hundreds, carpenter ants by the millions, squirrels, snakes, scorpions, black widows and brown recluse spiders, opossums, skunks, and baby kittens – all alive!

the newspaper ads were the best. model Ts for 6 hundred, shoes for .89 cents….I’m not that old but, it makes you think and fun to look at.

-- mark - Grayslake IL.

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04-20-2014 10:56 PM

Who ever bought my grandmothers house will get a surprise if they remove the siding to the garage. There is a series of bee hives that fill the wall 20’ x 15’. When they figured out how extensive it was they poisoned the hives – this was 45 years ago. today, it would be a crime, back then it was the practice.

They thought that there could have been 30 different hives in that wall

-- Love woodworking and fixing most anything

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04-25-2014 03:34 PM

I worked on a house that had a bee problem. We called in an expert, and he removed 16 gallons of honey from inside the wall.

-- Joe Cottonwood -- 99 Jobs: Blood, Sweat, and Houses

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04-25-2014 07:14 PM

If I remember correctly they estimated that there were several hundred pounds of hive in the wall

-- Love woodworking and fixing most anything

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05-20-2016 05:16 PM

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02-08-2017 02:13 PM

Ha-Ha!! OMG!! Really? He made a memorial to his beloved dog and buried it in the house? I never read anything like this even at term paper writing service Will for sure share it on twitter or facebook, cool story.

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