Garage door won't fully open

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06-16-2013 12:23 AM

I have a standard 2 car garage with a metal door and an Overhead Door “Legacy” 1/2 HP opener that is approx 4.5 years old. Recently it has started only opening the door part way. Sometimes it stops opening when the door is about 12” open, sometimes it stops at the halfway point and sometimes around the 5/8 open point. If I press the button again I can get it to open all the way but I usually have to do it 2-3 times to get the door fully open. It never has trouble closing the door.

I’ve tried adjusting the “open force” dial on the back of the opener and currently have it all the way to the maximum setting but that hasn’t helped. I’ve also disconnected the door from the opener and opened and closed it manually. It seems to slide freely without binding or getting caught.

I tried disconnecting the “laser beam” from the opener to see if that helped, but as soon as I disconnected it the opener will only work if I hold the button down.

I’ve also tried disconnecting the wall pushbutton and manually shorting the open/close jumper to trigger the door to see if there is a short in the wire to the button, but that didn’t help the problem.

I downloaded the manual and looked at the laser beam troubleshooting section and according to the manual the system is working properly (the lights on the sender and receiver units are both on solid).

One other thing I noticed is that when the opener is operating, the light (the one that’s supposed to light up the garage so you can see to get in/out of the car) flickers on and off rapidly instead of turning on and staying on. This seemed to start around the same time the trouble started so I’m not sure if it is related.

What else can I try? If I need a new opener is it as simple as replacing the opener itself or do I have to replace the guide rails and everything?

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Craftsman on the Lake

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06-16-2013 01:20 AM

I don’t know what the problem is with your door but I have an 18 ft wood door that is well adjusted but heavy nevertheless. I’ve been through three openers. I finally found one that I love and it’s lasting. It’s made by sommers and comes from Germany and has a lifetime warranty.

It’s a design that’s so simple and works so well it almost makes regular openers look design foolish. You mount an aluminum U channel track on the ceiling. In the track a standard bike like chain is stretched in the channel. Very tight. A small DC motor that is geared down travels up and down the chain. The door is attached to the motor. The thing looks like a cog locomotive on a track. To set the up and down limits you just place a stop on the rail. When it hits the top it pushes in a switch that stops the motor. You can set it anyplace you want.

Except for the gear connecting with the chain that turns to move it back and forth there are no moving parts. I got mine a Lowe’s.

It still has the box at the end of the rail but it’s just for lights and power supply. The harmles DC current runs in the track. Much like a model train.

-- Tryin'

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06-16-2013 04:03 AM

Garage doors are something I pay the pros to work on. I’m certainly not a pro but I had a similar problem. I would bet that you 4.5 year old opener won’t have the same problem.

Here was my problem, I had a trip switch on the track. When the door rose up and flipped the switch, the door stopped. The switch came loose and follow the door down on occasion. When it did that, the door would stop at the new switch location. The only thing is, it would always stop at the new switch location.

I would guess that the technician has to program in the automatic stop points these days because I no longer have that trip switch.

I got a new one. A few years later, the gear started slipping because the cheap plastice bushing wasn’t holding it in place correctly. The gear was wobbling and didn’t catch all the time. When the door thought it was at the top, it stopped. I had to lower it again, and raise it again and sometimes it would open all the way. I got variable results. This one could be your problem.

Best of luck to you! I hope your issues are easy to fix without draining your wallet.

-- Working on my home for 2 years and counting.

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12-15-2016 09:18 AM

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Supply Chain Finance can also be known as Supplier Finance or Reverse Factoring. The term “supply chain” in this context is used to refer to the network of organisations and activities involved with producing, distributing and paying for goods and services provided by one or more suppliers to a single customer. refertofinance.com

In case something happens to you or a member of your family and you need legal help there are several different kinds of legal services that are available to you. A few of them might be things like auto accident, bankruptcy, servicesinvolve.com

Technology is not just confined to use of computers but comprises of other different elements. That being said, if you are one of the lovers of technology, and want to pursue technology course as a career, then doing an MBA in technology makes a good option to the learner. pursuetechnology.com

I used to feel sick and tired, literally. I had chronic fatigue and I felt a lot of aches and pains in my joints and muscles. It was like living in constant fear of mental torture and a promise of pain everyday. fearforhealth.com

Designed mainly for architects and some other home improvement specialists, people can get a software that will allow them to “play” with home improvement designs before taking on such a feat. The program is costly and is a bit difficult to navigate. hugehomeimprovement.com

An added benefit for better travelling is choosing a direct flight to any destination that you desire. Although it is a little time taking task, a few clicks can solve the issue. There are several benefits of booking direct fights and one among the many is it saves a lot of time. travellingdirect.com

We are living in the internet generation, popularly known as Generation I. And books are considered to be amongst the highest selling merchandises online and the article explores the ever growing trends in online book procurement. shoppingprocure.com

When fashion becomes an important part of women’s life, men also become more aware of their own fashion styles than usual. For many occasions, from business meetings to social gatherings, from casual get-togethers to evening dinners, fashionbecome.com

In a medical office that does not have an ERA auto poster, each zero payment received from a payer is reviewed manually to determine among other things, if the insurance company correct. If so, the billing clerk has a number of options for handling the balance: autosera.com

who have previously pursued more creative fields can bring valuable insights into the business analysis process. This article looks at what a business analyst actually does, reflecting how accessible it is as a profession. analystbusiness.com

As one might expect, as a consequence of this growing shift to budget support there has been a corresponding increase in donor focus on the performance of Public Finance Management in the countries that receive budget support. financedonor.com

What is a Niche Market? A Niche market is a market for a specific product category or group of products and services. For example health industry is one main Niche. However since this Niche Market would be huge we would go down to for example diet pills as a niche. servicesknockout.com

Since the number of technology platforms, such as the social media sites continue to increase, a lot of businesses are starting to rely on a range of digital marketing strategies to help with promoting and marketing a company’s services or products. technologycampaign.com

it is no secret that the responsibility of having a child with a disability is way beyond the normal stresses of everyday life. This article talks about what can be done to preserve the mental health of families that have a child with a disability. healthoffamily.com

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