Septic Problems and Solutions

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One toilet in your 2 bathroom house is irredeemably clogged. Then, a short time later, the other one. Quickly, the sinks back up as well, and all your attempts to use a plunger and other remedial methods have just pushed waste water from one fixture to the next. Then you pay a plumber one hundred and fifty dollars to tell you it’s the septic tank. You can hear the guy from the septic pumping company licking his chops when he says, ”We’ll be right over!”

Your clogged septic system has only a couple of likely suspects, and a whole bunch of not so likely ones. Here they are:

It’s full- A tank that needs to be emptied will indeed backup on you. If this happens frequently. it could be a sign of a deeper issue.

A black ooze clog- This is the anaerobic bacteria that builds up in your system responsible for breaking down the waste in the tank, before it is run through the drain field for additional filtering and disbursement the black ooze is a necessary element in your system, and a proper balance of waste and bacteria is needed for it to run efficiently.

Powdered laundry soap- Soap companies have publicly kept the debate raging over whether or not powdered soaps clog septic systems. Those in the business of clearing septic systems and sewer mains no there is no debate. Powdered soaps do clog septic systems. Revenue protecting ads and printing on the box declaring it septic system safe serve only one purpose. to keep you buying it. That’s good for septic pumping companies and good for soap companies. Not so good for you.

The Solutions

Pumping- Of course, if your system is full, you have to pump it. That is the way they are designed. However, they are also designed to breakdown and disperse waste through the drain-field. they are made to be pretty efficient in this process. Pumping too frequently can adversely affect the way the bacterial breakdown process works.

Aerobic bacteria- By introducing this bacteria into your septic system you can break down the black ooze. Over a 6 week period of time it will eat up and flush the anaerobic ooze through the system. Oxygen must be pumped into the system for the new bacteria to live long enough to do its job. When the process is done, cap your system and pull away the air pump.Your system will return to working as normal.

Buy liquid laundry soap- Even while they are defending their powdered product, soap companies are betting on liquids. Consumer advocate groups already rate liquids over powders as the better product. Powders are getting harder and harder to find on the shelves.

When you get septic tank problems, don’t let a contractor talk you into a new system. start with taking sensible maintenance measures first. Run the aerating cleaning method for the recommended amount of time and compare the difference. This may just solve your problem and allow you to keep your money.

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