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Checking in!

04-07-2008 11:14 AM by grovemadman | 5 comments »

Many of you I recognize from LJ’s, I still thought I should introduce myself. I mainly joined to showcase some of my Glass work that doesn’t belong on Lumberjocks. Feel free to check out my website. www.californiaenclosures.comI live in my shop right now thanks to a poor economy and I am looking for a P/T job just to make sure rent is paid. Hopefully things will pick up soon here! If your a lumberJock living in your shop is a dream come true, If your a struggling new business owne...

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The Front of the House... #1: The New Front Porch...

04-06-2008 05:58 AM by Jcees | 11 comments »

If you’re an LJ, then you may have already caught a glimpse of this puppy in my projects on that site. I’ll do it this time as a blog and showoff some of the details and talk about the process just for you, MrTrim. I had to build the large archway twice! A wood boring bee decided to take up residence in the first one. I had made it out of WRC and the little bugger said, “Yummy!” So I rebuilt it out of SYP this time and put in a standing kill order for wood b...

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04-04-2008 04:06 PM by FredNEW | 3 comments »

Hi, I’m new to the site. My friend and I have a combined house blog (like two blogs in one?) over at http://www.oneprojectcloser.com. Is it possible to have those entries imported here? It took me a long time to get everything set up over there and I wouldn’t want to lose it all :-) This site is a great idea for home refurbers. Kudos to the programmers and designers.

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My Home #2: My Property

04-04-2008 01:10 PM by MsDebbieP | 16 comments »

April 4, 2008 Here is an aerial view of my property from ). Somewhere in the house I have a picture of the house prior to our renovations. Originally the house was “one room” deep. We pretty much doubled the size by adding a living room and bathroom downstairs, 2 bedrooms upstairs and the basement area which is now our woodworking shop.

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New Home #1: 10 Year Plan, a Quick Summary

04-03-2008 10:04 PM by ww_kayak | 12 comments »

Not exactly a refurb, but I have one those too…OK, so a few years ago I decided to buy some property and have a house built. Not that I didn’t know it was expensive…but, when I got 3 different quotes for 250k to 300k for a 1200 square foot house (and this ain’t Florida or California mind you), I said forget it! So, because I’m in no real hurry, and prefer to live debt free when possible, I decided to make this a long term project and do almost everything myse...

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04-03-2008 02:33 PM by tenontim | 17 comments »

Well, like some many of the LumberJocks, I’ve moved over here to kill a couple of more hours a day. I’m in the process of building my own house. Been working on it for over two years. Pay as I go. Of course, the furniture making gets in the way, but the LOML has put that on hold for at least 6 months, which should be time to get things finished up. Been living in the upstairs of my shop, so it’s time to get ‘er done, so I can have more shop space. I’ll keep you...

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Ramblin' #1: Just got here and who do I see???

04-03-2008 03:01 AM by Thos. Angle | 6 comments »

Well, I signed up as soon as I heard. It looks like the gang is gathering. Now that we have two sites and some of us three, who is going to go to the shop and get some work done? Lumber Jocks is coming at me so fast an furious that I can’t even begin to keep up and now we add another. Maybe I’ll just retire and become a professional blogger. Anyway, Martin, I’m sure this site will be as exciting and usefull as Lumber Jocks. Glad it’s up and running. Let the games begin...

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Privacy Fence

04-02-2008 10:15 PM by Brian H | 10 comments »

Thanks to this: We had to install this: Like the deck I posted before, this is all cheap treated wood. My backyard isn’t huge but it’s big enough that the more exotic fencing was out of our price range. The important thing was to keep the dogs in our backyard which it thankfully does. This summer we may put on a stain/pretector on it to make it look nicer. We hope to put our house up for sale within a year or two so that’ll probably help.

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Front Deck #1: Front Deck

04-02-2008 10:03 PM by Brian H | 8 comments »

At one time, we had a nice poured front porch. Unfortunately we had to rip it out thanks to poor drainage and nothing to keep water from pouring into our basement. After we got the wall sealed and new drainage in, I had to decide the best way to get a porch back on. I ended up going with a treated wood deck since it was pretty much the only thing we could afford at the time. Concrete wouldn’t have been much more expensive but I was worried about that basement wall. There were lots ...

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Welcome Everyone

04-02-2008 09:56 PM by GaryK | 8 comments »

Just wanted to welcome everyone here.

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